About us

JLV 2 0116Jennifer Vance is a Certified Nutritional Consultant and Christian Wellness Ambassador, health conscious wife, mother, and grandmother and  has been a health practitioner consulting with discerning people about getting healthier for over 25 years.

Her niche is counseling with others on prevention of disease and health problems, how to implement  wellness programs for developing a prevention foundation,  working with people tired of energy loss, digestive issues,  needing to rebuild or strengthen the immune system, working with parents that have children that are climbing the walls, and much more.

Contact Jennifer for personal, private counseling sessions, beginning with a complimentary wellness evaluation session to show you how with a plan for overcoming undesired health conditions, and being victorious in regaining and maintaining vital energy and health is doable now – body, soul, and spirit.

Prevention is the name of the game in these days and times!

Wellness is a choice — and it’s never too late to begin!

Getting healthier and staying well is a lifestyle that generates a prevention foundation.   Your God-created body has certain requirements needed and given to us by the Creator.  Jennifer has a special ability for teaching others about the God-created foods and how they completely nourish the God-created body to regain vitality, and establishing a prevention foundation

God, Who is our Creator,  would have you to be healthy and well. Creator’s Wellness Education is a practical, simple and yet powerful system established for acquiring lifetime wellness for you and yours.

Call today for more information or  to schedule your personal, complimentary Creator’s Wellness  evaluation to see if this might be a fit for you  — 702-368-0302 or cell – 702-712-7032.

“O, taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man that trusts in him.”            Psalm 34:8