Here’s to Health for You

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Welcome to Here’s to Health for You site..

As a health conscious wife, mother,  and now a grandmother, we began 30 years ago changing over to living  a health and wellness lifestyle incorporating REAL FOODS the way God intended them to be…and eliminating foods of the “world” as much as possible.  To our surprise this  impacted our wellness in amazing but simple ways.

Then I became a Certified Nutritional Consultant and Christian Wellness Ambassador so as to be able to teach others how they could have these benefits also.

Getting healthier is quite an endeavor…so I’ve put this site together  about the best REAL foods and ways God has for those of you discerning and learning families that desire  to get healthier and stay well.ID-100147070

Decreasing or eliminating the  world’s so-called foods is the beginning of what’s needed for taking good care of your God – given temples.  Do you think maybe God, Who is our Creator, would know just what the needs of our bodies are in order to stay healthy and well?  And might have even made available just those foods that match the needs to stay healthy?

I’m sure you love your family like I do mine! And  that was my whole purpose for finding out the best way to take care of my family- which was  to learn how to start building and keep a lifetime foundation of wellness that could be carried on to even my grandchildren.  It’s important to me to tell others about it as well…



Coming to HTH4U —

  • Wellness related books
  • REAL FOODS711032_29159562 freeimage
  • Real food supplements
  • and other items that are instrumental for taking abundant care of yourself and your family


Tools will be continuously brought on board for adding to your health & wellness library and lifestyle as well.  On this site is a selection of exquisitely simple real foods that can  help you to be abundantly nourished  as well as begin experiencing God’s best available now.


Also visit CREATOR’S WELLNESS to find out more about the higher standard of nutritional therapy with a Biblical approach.  Personal, private consultation is available.  It’s truly life changing..

HERE’S TO HEALTH FOR YOU!!        hth-logo

Jennifer Vance, CNC. Christian Wellness Ambassador